Questions & Answers

Land Advisors Organization and Land Advisors California work as a team and collaborate. The primary difference between California and other Land Advisors locations is California focuses exclusively on residential land opportunities. We’ve been entrenched in the residential land world for decades. By focusing on one specialty, we are able to provide our clients with the greatest value, expertise, and knowledge.

Land Advisors has been active in California since 1997. Our Founding Principals have more than 95 years of real estate experience in California.

Land Advisors focuses exclusively on residential land. Our product expertise is in master planned communities, residential subdivisions, infill, multi-family, apartments, age targeted, redevelopment and underutilized assets.

To determine the value of your land, Land Advisors can provide a Broker Opinion of Value (“BOV”). Our BOV’s are based on a number of factors including recent land sales, actively selling new homes, future competition, market trends, and economic factors. Additionally, we can determine a present market value or future value.

The highest and best use for land is determined by a number of factors including zoning requirements, neighboring properties, government jurisdiction desires, market trends, cost to complete, and more. Land Advisors can assist you with determining the highest and best in order to get you the highest return on your investment.

Our team will make a comprehensive assessment of the important elements of the property and provide a thorough analysis so that our clients can make informed decisions and effectively navigate through the land transaction process. Each marketing campaign is different and has a variety of factors impacting time for final closing. Generally, the average time to market and sell an entitled property is 6 to 12 months.

Each property and associated marketing plan is unique so fees may vary depending on the property and marketing plans.

We work with a wide range of clients including investors, land developers, homebuilders, banks, lenders, farmers, attorneys, trustees, institutional, and government.

QTative, a Land Advisors Company, guides and educates clients on the risks and economics related to entitlement and development. Visit QTative’s website for additional information.

Clarity Real Estate Advisors, a Land Advisors company, provides real estate decision-makers a comprehesive advantage through innovative, nuanced, and thoroughly researched market insights and advice. Our Managing Director, Pete Reeb, has over 17 years’ experience and a proven track record of accurate and timely market studies. Visit Clarity’s website for additional information.

Lakebridge, a Land Advisors Organization affiliate, is a market leader in sourcing debt and equity for residential and commercial transactions. We’re also a go-to resource for sourcing capital. Visit Landmark Capital Advisors’ website for additional information.

QTative, a Land Advisors Company, helps investors and lenders by working with their development partners to keep a project on track or get it back on track. They can provide financial modeling and recommendations for issues arising from the entitlement and development process. Visit QTative’s website for additional information.

If your project consists of residential and commercial land uses, the project may benefit from having both a residential and commercial broker. Land Advisors can provide an assessment to determine the best representation for the project. If the project would benefit from having both types of representation, Land Advisors has relationships with a variety of agents in commercial, retail, industrial, etc. and will build the best team possible for your specific project.  

Land Advisors offers a Land Associate Training Program to help you begin your career in real estate.  The program will teach you the fundamentals of the land industry including terminology, market data, development process, valuation, marketing strategies, and more. Check out our Careers page for additional information.