Our Firm and Services



The nation’s largest brokerage firm focused exclusively on land.

Our client’s goals are paramount. Land Advisors Organization tailors it’s services to match the client’s needs, so that your interests become our interests.

The land market is ever-changing. The experienced brokers at Land Advisors Organization provide insight supported with comprehensive data described with cutting-edge technology. The result is unparalleled analysis that has proved valuable in thousands of deals to hundreds of clients in dozens of markets.

Real estate is a myriad of opportunities. Our network of markets, Advisors, and contacts broadens the potential upside for each deal. Additionally, our experience in every stage of the real estate cycle gives us a unique perspective into the patterns of market conditions. Together, we can arrange the ideal team and act with perfect timing.

We keep our eye on the long ball. We maintain the highest standards of performance and integrity and form lasting relationships. Our services are comprehensive, complete, accurate, objective and individualized.

Land information is our core.

Information is the foundation for all wise land decisions. The best brokers are more effective when they combine experience with current and relevant information. Our ability to collect, synthesize and display data allows our brokers to explain not only what they recommend, but why, consequently empowering our clients for the best decision-making.

Using our proprietary mapping platform and unrivaled land database, we customize the display of information to show the data most relevant to the client and situation. The result is the most complete information—evaluated, displayed and explained in a way that is most relevant to you.