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Homebuilders, investors, family estates & trusts rely upon our expertise to redevelop and maximize property value.
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Brokering complex land deals with commitment and precision is our core business and legacy.

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Our clients in the suburban market typically own large lots zoned and targeted to for single-family developments. These suburban properties are “green field” developments on land that has not been platted or developed yet as residential.

Many of these sellers are private families, estates or trusts that have been holding land long term and have now decided to sell, but they don’t know the value or possible uses for an underutilized property.

Our team will assist in analyzing and clearly explaining the potential market options for the land. We can run the numbers, investigate the facts that will impact prices, and arrive at a suggested density and product mixture in order to get maximum value for the property.

Once a plan is agreed upon, we’ll launch a targeted marketing campaign to attract our vast relationship network of individuals and developers to purchase the land.

Often we enter early in the planning phase to quantify options. At this stage, we can offer feedback and advise on how to make greatest use of the property with the design team in place. We’ll factor in all relevant issues — regulatory, permits, landmarks, environmental restraints, construction, timing, market conditions, trends, and more.

Our team will make a comprehensive dive into the important elements of any property and give thorough, dependable analysis so that our clients can make informed decisions and effectively navigate through the land transaction process as easily as possible.

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