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Using our financial modeling analysis, our urban opportunities of higher density, single- or multi-family housing represent exceptional redevelopment value.
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Brokering complex land deals with commitment and precision is our core business and legacy.

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Owners of urban properties typically hold higher density single family or attached multi-family housing. Our urban group represents townhomes, mid-rise and high-rise building sites with potential alternative uses in city settings.

Often our clients would like to sell their asset as a redevelopment site where an existing use is not the highest value and best use of the land. Our urban team has the expertise to run financial models to identify and analyze use options for their property today just as a developer does, evaluating questions such as townhomes vs. apartments.

City planning, zoning, city council and politics can all play a role in land use and our team has relationships and experience handling issues and reaching quick resolutions where differing opinions could freeze development or limit pricing.

We’ll calculate a predicted best use and highest value model and help clients realistically anticipate what a professional buyer will offer for that property given its development potential and any jurisdictional restrictions.

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