30,000 Starts a Year in Houston?

RedNews magazine
October 2013

Kirk Laguarta and Duane Heckmann of the Land Advisors Organization, with nearly 30 years of experience each in CRE, specialize in master-planned community and residential lot development; however they also sell multi-family sites, commercial sites, and industrial development/sites.

Historically, downturns in the Houston CRE market have been related to ‘loose money’; this was a factor in the downturn that occurred during late 2007 through 2009. Nationally, banks were so badly burned during that recession that they’re still not back into the lot development end of the real estate business to any appreciable extent.

However, in Texas the banking industry is healthy and, particularly in Houston, there’s no problem with ‘loose money’. Thus, in respect to financing, there appears to be little danger of overbuilding at the present time.

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