Mike Ripley

Mike Ripley

Mike Ripley

(407) 310-6701
968 Lake Baldwin Lane
Suite C
Orlando, FL 32814


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Advisor Mike Ripley has extensive experience with geographic information systems, bringing insights derived from the latest market trends to a client’s land-related acquisition or disposition needs.

Mike began in real estate as a research analyst for KB Homes in Orlando. He worked to streamline the land acquisition process using targeted data compilation and analysis. This allowed him to assemble multi-million-dollar land property proposals which required a detailed understanding of complex land variables, while working collaboratively with onsite engineers.

Before joining Land Advisors Organization, Mike focused on analyzing land data to identify development opportunities at Bowyer-Singleton and Associates. With his engineering and planning background, Mike created a niche in the GIS department, offering advanced land analysis that catered directly to homebuilders and other land developers.

Mike attended the University of Florida at Gainesville and graduated in 2001 with a degree in environmental engineering and his engineer intern certification. Mike went on to focus on geographic information systems at the University of Florida Urban and Regional Planning Graduate Program, where he won the Carl Fiess Urban and Environmental Design Award in 2002.

Mike is a member of the Urban Land Institute and is adjunct professor of environmental studies in the Rollins College Hamilton Holt Program.

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